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Stationery packages

You can order a wide variety of graphic services for your party from me.
From save the date cards and invitations to programs, menu cards, tags, banners, stickers or signs - Fanfare offers you stylish solutions for the entire range of stationery.
In the following I have provided you with some important information about your stationery and the ordering process. Please take your time to read it thoroughly. If you have any questions that remain unanswered, please feel free to contact me at any time!

Procedure and communication

After the first contact, I will send you a questionnaire on the key data of your desired stationery. The more precisely you answer this, the more precisely I can calculate your individual cost estimate.

Often, some questions arise on your or my side during or after filling out. In order to clarify this, it makes sense in most cases if we have a meeting on the phone or have a Skype appointment.

After I have all the price-relevant information from you, I will send you a written offer tailored to your needs. If you agree, the order will be confirmed in written form by you. Then a down payment of 50% is due.

At the latest at this point you should think about your texts and provide them to me as a file. Later on you will receive a draft of your stationery from me as a digital mock-up. If there are any change requests, you can write them down directly in the PDF file. When everything has been approved by you after a correction round or two, the draft goes into production. For quality assurance, all finished products come to me first before I send them beautifully packaged to you by post.

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Time planning

It takes around 6–12 weeks to process individual, personalized stationery. During this waiting time, I will keep you up to date, you will be fully involved in the process and decide until the print.

In general, the earlier you contact me, the better! Elaborate printing processes and refinements take their time, and each correction round costs around 1–2 working days delay in the process.

Fees and appreciation

I am an illustrator from the heart and work exclusively with handmade graphics. This means that I design every flower, pattern and lettering myself. With watercolor paints, crayons, chalk, scissors and glue and of course with my tablet. Hand craft is the essence of my designs, and of course that has its price. Please understand that my offers do not compete with those of online retailers and differ significantly from them.
My prices always consist of a graphic design fee as well as production and material costs (such as paper, printing costs, envelopes etc.).

In the following I list guideline values ​​for design fees for various stationery products. The design fee includes services such as the creation of illustrations, layout, paper and font selection, material orders, consultations and communication, correction rounds and much more. This fee is independent of the number of items ordered, since the effort for creating 10 cards, for example, is the same as for the creation of 100 cards.

Unfortunately, I cannot determine the production and material costs in advance, as they depend on many factors such as paper size and thickness, edition, printing process and further processing.

From experience I can give the following average values ​​for orientation: Customers of individual stationery order an average of 80 invitations and 6 different items for the day of the celebration (e.g. menu cards, seating plan, tags, table numbers, place cards and welcome sign), they pay an average of 3.000,00 €.


All prices net plus 19% VAT.

Invitation card with individual illustrations

  • Folded card (up to 4 pages) or pocketfold (1 main card + up to 3 insert cards) …… 500.00 - 700.00 €

Invitation card purely graphical (e.g. with wedding logo)

  • Folded card (up to 4 pages) or pocketfold (1 main card + up to 3 insert cards) …… 410.00 €

Additional cards / special formats

  • Additional pages / inserts, reply cards, etc. …… € 150.00

Additional language / second version

  • Multilingual celebrations, guests who should appear at different times ...... € 50.00

Venue drawings / illustrated Maps

  • Line drawing of one building ...... depending on the effort and reproduction purpose from €180.00 (discounts for orders of 3 or more)

  • Colored illustration of a building ...... depending on the effort and reproduction purpose from €230.00 (discounts for orders of 3 or more)

  • Illustrated Map...... depending on the effort and purpose from 400.00 €

Envelope design

  • Printed inner lining or printed envelope …… € 150.00

  • Printed inner lining and address labels …… € 190.00

  • Address labels …… € 60.00

Program booklet / church booklet

  • Reception program with cover and up to 4 inside pages …… € 180.00

  • Church booklet cover (content is provided by the customer and is not included in the service) …… € 150.00

Menu card

  • Folded card with up to 4 printed pages …… € 160.00

Tags / sticker

  • Not personalized, for guest gifts, branded drinks or the like. …… € 60.00

Seating plan

  • with table numbers …… € 200.00

  • without table numbers …… € 170.00

Place cards

  • personalized (depending on the number) …… from 70.00 €

  • blank ...... € 60.00

Thank you cards

  • Folded card with up to 4 pages or pocketfold (1 main card + up to 3 insert cards) …… € 180.00

Signs and labels by hand

  • eg welcome signs, table numbers, boards, fabric banners etc. ...... only on request

Still uncertain?

You don't know exactly what you need and what your celebration should look like?

Let us clarify these questions together! Just write me an email or arrange a phone or Skype appointment.
I will be happy to advise you in the choice of colors and papers and work with you to develop an overall concept for the perfect stationery for your party.

Terms and Conditions

So that there is no confusion in the process and afterwards, you can view my terms and conditions here at any time:


Click here and see the terms and conditions.

(Document only available in German Language)

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